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Watch Works: The Mainplate

Not every watch works entry needs to be a deep dive in the hyper technical and complicated complications or decorations! With this brief look, we take a moment to appreciate the very foundation of your watch, the mainplateMainplate The mainplate holds all the components of the watch movement together and forms the base of the watch movement. The mainplate is typically made of brass. It serves as the foundation for the movement, and all the gears, wheels, and other components are attached to it. It holds the jewels and pivots in place, and also serves as the base for the bridges and other structural components. [Learn More].

The mainplate is the canvas on which the watchmakers gets to work, it is very much comparable to the chassis of a car. It is on the base plate that all the little bells & whistles will be mounted. And by the use of bridgesBridges The bridges of a watch movement are the metal plates that hold the wheels and other components of the movement in place. They are attached to the main plate of the movement with screws. Bridges are used to support the balance wheel, the escapement, the mainspring barrel and other elements. Combined with the main plate they are the foundation of any watch movement. [Learn More] these smallest of parts will forever be secured on the mainplate (at least until you send your watch in for a service).

All these parts will be installed on the Mainplate

The mainplate is, generally speaking, made of plated Brass. The mainplate can also be made from other material such as German Silver, (rose) gold etc.

The dial side of the Mainplate

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