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Watch Works: Equation Of Time

A quick look at a romantic rather than practical complication on a watch, the Equation of Time. Definition as per the dictionary: “The difference between apparent time and mean time usually expressed as a correction which is to be added to apparent time to give local mean time.” […]

Watch Works: The Geneva Seal

What’s in a name? The Geneva Seal, or ‘Poinçon de Genève, saw the light of day in 1886. It was put in place, formally, by the Grand Council of the Canton of Geneva (Switzerland). The certification is a recognized & regulated standard of excellence. It essentially guarantees the […]

Watch Works: What is German Silver?

German Silver, is high precision silver which is always on time and highly effective at its job and maximizing productivity. Or maybe not… let’s have a closer look in a new addition to our Watch Works column. What’s in a name? German Silver is essentially, an alloy consisting of […]

Watch Works: Fusée And Chain

We’ve covered the basics of how a mechanical watch works in a previous write-up which you can find here. Today we highlight another marvel you will find in a few watches out there: The Fusée-and-Chain transmission. This is of course perfectly timed in anticipation to our Master Class […]