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News: Swiss Watch Exports Show Slower Growth And Declining Volumes

New watch releases are cool. But the latest charts from the Swiss Federation of the Swiss Watch industry is where it gets really wild.

Swiss watch exports showed slower growth and declining volumes the past month. But it isn’t all bad news. Monthly income exceeded the 2 billion mark, unseen since October 2015.

As for last month, bimetal and precious metal timepieces were responsible for the good news. The continued drop of steel and “other metal” watches moderated the overall numbers.

Now the real stark conclusion of the latest figures, seems to reaffirm yet again: Anything under 3000CHF is in for a rough ride. In fact the only price category that recorded growth is the latter, all the rest remained either flat or significant drops (I’m looking at you, -500CHF watches).

While most markets – including USA, China and Hong Kong – enjoyed positive growth, Europe and the UK for example moved in the opposite (negative) direction.

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