Atelier DE GRIFF


Atelier DE GRIFF is a creative studio based in Belgium, fueled by curiosity and a passion for horology. We are inspired by mechanical timekeeping machines and the people that create them. Our initial focus was on designing and creating bespoke watch accessories. Gradually, we ventured beyond the confines of our atelier and we expanded into online content creation. We then started organizing watch events with brands and retailers, for our friends and fellow watch enthusiasts. Atelier de Griff is run by and for watch enthusiasts from all walks of life. We share our passion for all things horological. Our articles are independently written and feature original content & photography.




Proud makers of de Griff Straps & accessories. We’re old-fashionably inefficient and no robots are ever harmed in the making of your leather de Griff item which you can purchase through the shop. We continuously evolve and relentlessly experiment with new materials & components. We don’t pretend to be perfect, we most definitely do our very best.