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Hands-On: Seiko Manta Ray Samurai & Turtle
SRPF79K1 and SRPE39K1

Today we have a closer look at two striking Seiko Divers that are sitting nicely within the Prospex collection. More specifically, within the ‘Save the Ocean’ category where Seiko donates a portion of the proceeds to give back to the diver’s community that is removing and reporting marine debris in aquatic environments. When it comes to both these Manta Ray dials, I can say that seeing truly is believing.

Firstly, for any prospective buyers reading this, you have likely read and seen other pictures of both these watches. What should strike you is that every single article or picture floating around the web represents these dials almost dramatically different. As a result I will stress here that you should really go to your Seiko dealer and ask for a hands-on with these watches. Do not go by the pictures you are seeing online, don’t even go by the pictures you are seeing in this article. You will want to see these (wonderful) dials in the flesh to truly judge them to taste.

Both these models are nothing new here. We have the tried and tested (and much loved by yours truly) Seiko Turtle and then the equally fantastic Seiko Samurai. To be specific, a King Turtle and a King Samurai. In this case with their fantastic special dials as they fit within the Save The Oceans family. To get my previous impressions about the King Turtle, make sure to view this right here.

In a nutshell, I absolutely love the Turtle and pretty much adore the King Turtle. So much bang for buck, so much fun, and fantastic specs. The King Samurai fits right into that same category as far as I’m concerned. As far as the complications are concerned, notice that the Turtle offers a day date function whereas the Samurai only has the date.

I will not go into the specs again, as I’ve done that plenty for these watches. So how about those dials? Yay, or nay? Well, it’s a resounding Yay from me. As I mentioned above, the pictures of these watches online are all dramatically different.

Some show a very deep fumé style dial, others show an almost dull grey blueish dial. None of them however, seem to really capture the magic you see in real life. These dials are super fun, but also not too crazy where it becomes ‘too much’. The Mantra rays as well, they are subtle, nobody but the wearer is likely to notice they are there. A very fun detail in there. And that color scheme on the dial, absolutely gorgeous.

Both the King Turtle and the King Samurai Save The Ocean Manta Rays are fantastic additions to the Prospex family. The dial work here is once again fantastic and pretty much unseen in the sub 1K category. Anyone looking for excellent value divers is likely to run into both these watches in their ‘normal’ edition, however these ‘special’ editions are truly that – special. Perhaps not for everyone, but certainly for me.

Note indeed that both these are not limited editions but rather special editions. That means that for a certain amount of time these will be in production, but they will not be produced ad infinitum. The production run is limited in time. For more info, check right here at Seiko.

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