Buyer’s Guides:

Buyer’s Guide: Which Omega Speedmaster To Buy? - Looking to buy an Omega Speedmaster. It sounds so simple. If only it were the case. In this guide, we’ll be having a look at a few Omega Speedmasters that you can buy today at your local Omega Boutique or AD.
Buyer’s Guide: Tudor Black Bay - One of the biggest smash hits in recent horological memory is without any doubt the Tudor Black Bay.
Buyer’s guide: Rolex Explorer 1 (Video) - Looking to buy a Rolex Explorer I, you’re likely faced with one very personal question: Which one? 



Backstage: Konstantin Chaykin - Today we’re having a closer look at Konstantin Chaykin, the independent watchmaker behind more than a few innovative timepieces released in the past years.
Backstage: Arnold & Son - Arnold & Son, makers of haute horlogerie since 1764, with a bit of a gap year here and there.
Backstage: Chronode - Chronode is the company founded by watchmaker Jean-François Mojon.
Backstage: Czapek & Cie - We take a closer look at Czapek & Cie and the men & women behind the scenes.
Backstage: Wilsdorf Foundation - We tried to look at the Wilsdorf Foundation, which is about as easy as looking at a Penguin and feeling angry (very difficult).
Backstage: MELB - We’re kicking off a new column “Backstage”. What we’ll do in this series is have a closer look at the watch industry and the men & women behind the scenes who make sure the industry keeps on ticking (pun absolutely intended).


Report (long reads):

Insight: Rolex Price Evolution - Not too long ago, I was standing in a Rolex AD in the center of Brussels with a couple of (watch) friends, with two of the group looking at a possible purchase. This was just around the time Baselworld was to open its doors. There was a sense […]
Report: Atelier de Griff Meet-Up In Brussels (Video) - Brussels, Belgium. Not just about beer & chocolates anymore…
Visiting Baselworld (Video) - At Baselworld, you have a choice, much like Neo did in the Matrix: You take the blue pill and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, see how deep the rabbit hole goes.Unlike Neo however, you don’t have to take any pills, you just […]
Never attend a watch event… - … unless you like to have a good time. Early February the folks at organized their second watch meet-up, this time in the fantastic city of Amsterdam. This got us thinking: Why on earth should you possibly even consider joining a watch ‘Get-Together’ type of event?
Event: SalonQP London 2017 - Past November we paid a visit to SalonQP in London and met up with a few of you at the lovely reception organized by Daily-Diogocosta. Following some questions related to the event, we decided to simply put it up here to briefly summarize the event.


How to:

How To: Install A NATO Strap (Video) - How to install a NATO strap, on certain watches it is not as straightforward as it may seem.
Different uses for a Chronograph - We all know what the Apollo 13 astronauts used their chronograph for? As eternalized with the Omega Speedmaster ‘Silver Snoopy Award’ limited edition, they used it to time their perfect rocket burst, to get back to earth. Now here are some of the most popular answers we collected […]
How to use your watch as a compass - Did you know you can not only use your watch to tell time, but also to tell you true North? Fear not dear reader, as you own an analogue watch, thus you shall never get lost in time, nor on your hikes across the globe.. Yep, your watch […]
How to use a tachymètre - The one bezel to rule them all according to some, the most useless decoration to others, it is indeed the tachymètre (aka the tachymeter). It can be used to measure either (average) speed or distance. Found on most chronograph watches, it is easy to forget how to use […]
How to PolyWatch - If you own a watch with a plexi crystal you’ll notice that after a while it’ll pick up scratches. Unlike hard sapphire crystal, the plexi will indeed scratch much more easily. The good news is that you can actually get rid of the scratches if it is plexi, […]
Lug to Lug - “Is this watch too big (or too small) for my wrist” – This has to be one of the most asked questions prior to a watch purchase. One of the most often quoted measurements as an answer to that, is the Case diameter. If that is proportionate to […]
Measure your wrist size - There are different ways to measure your wrist size. But by far the best and easiest to do is to use an old-fashioned tailor’s measuring tape (highlighted in the middle on the below picture).
Lug width - LUG /lʌɡ/ (Noun) 1. A person’s ear. 2. A projection on an object by which it may be carried or fixed in place. That dictionary isn’t too helpful this time around, isn’t it? When we’re asking about your lug width, rest assured we don’t need to know the […]