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Watch Affairs With Pierre Biver (Episode 4): We Talk Watches, Collecting, Industry And The JC Biver Brand
Video Interview

Today we have the pleasure to talk to Pierre Biver. At the time of this recording, he is hard at work on the launch of the much anticipated  JC Biver watch brand with his father – and industry titan – Jean-Claude Biver. We talk about Pierre Biver’s journey to date, collecting watches, his views on the state of the industry, the good and the bad, the creativity in the industry, and of course, the launch of the JC Biver watch brand. Please enjoy this refreshingly candid conversation with Pierre Biver:

A big thank you to Pierre for taking the time for this conversation, it was a real pleasure. I hope you get to know him a little bit better through this conversation. Discussing the past and present experiences should of course also help us with understanding what we can expect from him and the family brand in the future.

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