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I’m going to take a wild guess here that none of you reading this article belong to the order of the Anguilliformes. Therefore I will also wildly assume you do not in fact live under a rock. Taking another giant leap then, I will also assume you have heard about the collaborative release between Omega and Swatch: The Moonswatch.

To recap very quickly what happened, “Swatch has collaborated with Omega to imagine an innovative Swatch take on the Speedmaster Moonwatch. The brands have drawn their design inspiration from space, to create a collection of eleven Swatch models named after planetary bodies, from the giant star at the centre of the solar system to the dwarf planet at its periphery”.

The design of the watches is quite spectacular, with all the details a Speedy enthusiast would want to see. “All of the Swatch designs are in the brand’s patented BIOCERAMIC, a unique mix of two-thirds ceramic and one-third material derived from castor oil. The key Moonwatch design features are all there. The asymmetrical case, the famous tachymeterTachymeter A tachymeter is a feature found on some chronograph watches, it is a scale that is usually printed on the bezel, sometimes on the dial. It allows the wearer to measure the speed of an object over a known distance by timing the object's movement with the chronograph's second hand. The wearer can read the speed of the object on the tachymeter scale. [Learn More] scale with dot over ninety and the distinctive Speedmaster subdials, which all work perfectly”.

However, what you absolutely need to know here is that these are NOT LIMITED editions. Many thousands, tens of thousands, of these will hit the market. Just not all at once. The Moonswatches will be made available as of the 26th of March at selected Swatch Boutiques. There will at first be limited supply here (and yes, you will only be able to buy two per person), so expect these to sell out quickly at first.

The Boutique strategy leaves a LOT of people in the cold, and Swatch is aware of that. Swatch has already replied to numerous requests stating that the Omega x Swatch Moonswatch will be made available to a broader audience the coming weeks and months (with distribution online also in the picture). If you really want to get one of these, you most likely will get one – at retail! And that is perhaps the most wonderful little detail about this (fantastic) release by Omega x Swatch.


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