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Vintage Watch Collecting 101 – Things To Consider When Starting A Watch Collection (VIDEO)
Expert Tips For Aspiring Collectors

So you want to start collecting vintage watches. But where to begin if you are just getting started? Well, it so happens that in our recent (big) interview with Pierre Biver (Watch Affairs Episode 4) we discussed this topic. Now, that was a little bit off-topic for that broader discussion, so we kept that out of the main video which focused on Pierre Biver and the launch of the JC Biver watch brand by Pierre Biver and Jean-Claude Biver. However, we also discussed vintage watch collecting since he happens to be a bonafide watch enthusiast and vintage watch collector (he also spent some time working at the renowned Phillips auction house in London). In this video Pierre outlines a few key tips to keep in mind when starting your journey in the vintage watch collecting world:

When talking vintage watches and how to collect them, there is no secret formula of course. Just like most things in life worth having, collecting vintage watches without making too many big mistakes requires time and effort. Buy quality, not the price. Take your time. Do your homework, and tread carefully. Above all, enjoy the journey!

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