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Breaking: Jean-Claude Biver Announces Own Watch Brand
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The cat is finally out of the bag, Jean-Claude Biver is looking to launch a watch brand – under his own name. While it is breaking news to finally hear him confirm it, the signs were all over the wall that this was going to happen. Mr Biver had discussed the idea for his own brand previously in a video interview on DE GRIFF, and now finally confirmed it is happening during an interview on RTS.

During our video interview in late 2019, we discussed the topic at length with Mr Biver. While I highly recommend you watch the full video interview if you haven’t yet – Mr Biver describes in detail what ‘his’ brand would look like as of this part of the interview right here.

Mr Biver recently turned 73 and is therefore not at the usual age to start a (very exclusive) watch brand. But then, there is nothing ‘usual’ about Jean-Claude Biver. Age is just a number and during the interview on RTS he nicely added “You can retire a function, but not a passion”. Amen to that! It appears that his final decision to move forward with this came earlier this week.

Mr Biver broke the news on RTS’s Médialogues. You can listen to it (in french) here.

Note: Thank you to @Shanghai_WIS for sharing the news


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