Unscripted: Jean-Claude Biver, The Icon, The Hippie, The Brand (Video Interview Part 1/2)

Earlier this month we had the genuine pleasure to welcome Mr Jean-Claude Biver to Brussels for an interview with us. What a pleasure, what a privilege. He is as much a man as he is a force of nature, seemingly unstoppable, relentless, or even restless.

About twelve months ago he stepped down as President of LVMH’s Watch Division. Anyone other than Mr. Biver would likely enjoy a nice and calm retirement at that point. But of course, not Mr. Biver. We discussed a variety of topics, on and off-camera and time simply flew by. The video interview has been split up in two parts. This first part is focusing on the man himself, and what he might be planning next.

In PART I of this unscripted interview Jean-Claude Biver talks about how he got where he is today, his passion for watches and the potential brand he could imagine launching in the future.

Jean-Claude Biver has a remarkable track record and has had a big impact on today’s watch industry. There is as far as I’m concerned no equal. His work at Omega is still visible today, the incredible resurrection of Blancpain, the stellar rise of Hublot. As a result, he has been called a titan, a living legend, a marketing genius and even an institution! Looking back at his career, we ask him how he actually sees himself.

One of the most recognizable faces and names in the industry. A man and a brand that stands for innovation, fearlessness, success and a love and passion for watches. We ask him, why not use the next 20 years to train and mentor a team, transmit knowledge like he has stated, give back, by creating his very own watch brand? His answer, might surprise you.

Gifted with what seems to be an endless reserve of enthusiasm, we also talk about setbacks and tough situations. In Mr Biver’s schedule, it seems there is no time for negativity.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did. A most memorable day and conversation, with an exceptional person.

10 thoughts on “Unscripted: Jean-Claude Biver, The Icon, The Hippie, The Brand (Video Interview Part 1/2)

  1. Boys, this is seriously excellent stuff. Can’t wait for part two!
    Biver & Son – I can already picture it.

  2. You know what, you always have an ace up your sleeves when re-opening after a shop maintenance. I was wondering what it would be this time. I was not expecting this. At all. Color me very impressed, this is exceptional work. Thank you for the effort to everyone involved, thank you to Mr Biver for the insights!


  3. Now I want a briefcase like that as well…
    Jokes aside, thank you for making this guys, looking forward to part II. Watching this on my commute, about 10 minutes in, loving every second of it

  4. Epic wristcheck. For a second I thought he was double wristing the Patek with an Apple watch. Only he can double wrist those two watches and perfectly get away with it 😀 Legend!

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