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Manufacture Visit: Behind The Scenes At NOMOS Glashütte (VIDEO)
Manufacture Visit

Today we proudly take you behind the scenes at NOMOS Glashütte. Known for their unique design language, NOMOS Glashütte is one of very few independent watchmakers that not only produces its own calibers in-house, but also produces their very own escapement. In this video tour, we take you behind the scenes at NOMOS. We start our journey in the Production Hall, and also have a closer look at what happens at their Chronometrie up in the hills of Glashütte. Click below to view the full video:

Sincere thanks to all the wonderful people at NOMOS that welcomed us and tolerated our presence on the workfloor. It was a real pleasure and I hope this video shows you all what makes them so special indeed. 

For more information about NOMOS, pay them a visit right here.


  1. Easy to see why Dufour is a fan! Used to have a Tangente, now have a Club and I wear it pretty much all the time. Really nice to see the work that goes into these watches

    1. Hah Yes, that was quite the feedback. I quote from Revolution “Philippe Dufour: I would say that you could buy at this price, maybe a bit less, a very good watch in terms of value and quality. It’s not Swiss — sorry — [but] a German brand called NOMOS. I found that this brand makes a very serious product.” 🤟

  2. Excellent video, really enjoyed this. Makes me appreciate my OG Metro even more 😊 Thank you for sharing guys!

    1. Absolutely love the first Metro, with its mint power reserve and refreshing colors. Thank you for watching!

    1. Thanks man, let’s make sure we go together next time around. More importantly: Let’s make sure I don’t mess up our schedule again 🙂

      Yes that picture is in fact taken from the ‘Chronometrie’ building (second part of the movie). Was so focused on video, I did not take enough pictures from the area, it is beautiful over there. This is basically the ‘office view’ that their watchmakers have, not bad no? 🙂 In the distance on the right side (near the GO building if you can see it) is their third building, which is the HQ which you briefly see at the start of the video.

  3. I love your work.. I’m keen for a classic leather strap for my father’s old Certina DS288 which I’ve had restored and wear regularly. The clearance around the pins is quite tight, when buying NATOs for it I have to seek out very thin ones. Can you deliver me a strong durable leather strap for it? Happy to take measurements..

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