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Thoughts: The Best ‘Go Anywhere Do Anything’ Watches (Part I)

The GADA watch, an often debated topic among WIS is always an interesting topic to me. To those not familiar with the term, GADA means Go Anywhere Do Anything. Per my understanding of this term from many hours of forum browsing, it means you can go to the beach with this and also get dressed up in a suit for job interview or attending a wedding. This means the watch can’t have too strong of a tool watch look and must have at least 100 meters of water resistance. 

I’ll start my list of watches in each pricing category, so sit back and enjoy!

Sub $500:

This is a very competitive category of watches, a lot of microbrands in this range but I feel that Seiko SKX007 has it nailed down. Since many can acquire this watch under $250, it has such great value and the short lugs on the watch helps it wear smaller than the 42.3mm case diameter. Running inside the watch is the 7S26 movement, which is the most rudimentary Seiko movement that beats at 3Hz and non-hackable. 

However, this is a very robust and relatively accurate movement. Classed in the Seiko dive watch line, the SKX is water resistant to 200M, and with a nice leather strap, it can be dressed up quite well either for a nice dinner out or suit up for the office.

Sub $1000:

Sinn 556I. I chose this watch because the glossy dial gives a lacquer look in different lighting. The dial has a smooth finish and has white painted indexes that provides a nice contrast. The watch has 200 meters of water resistance with a screw in crownCrown The knob on the outside of the watch that you typically use to either wind the mainspring or set the time [Learn More] and you can definitely put the watch on a NATO strap to head to the beach or the pool and then switch it on a nice leather strap for a nice cocktail in the evening.

Beating inside the watch is the top grade ETA 2824 at 4Hz and you can see the nicely decorated movement from the sapphire display caseback. 

Honorable mention:

In this category that would get my vote is the Halios Seaforth, at a street price of mid $800 with a very nicely made case and dial. 

The watch is rated with 200 meters of water resistance and depending on the model, it can be dressed up quite nicely with a leather strap.

$1,000 to $2,000:

Monta Triumph: This is another very competitive price range where I think the Monta edges out others with the fit and finish and also the movement. Now, I have nothing against the tried and true ETA 2824/SW200. However, when one manually winds the 2892 vs. the 2824, the smoothness of the 2892 cannot be overlooked. The watch has a classic size of 38.5mm and comes in just under 10mm tall with a lug to lug distance of just under 48mm. Making this a great go anywhere watch. 

With 150M of water resistance, you can definitely take the watch to the beach and when paired with a leather strap, a great dinner companion! The bezel is brushed as well as the side case and lugs, but the beveling is polished, creating a nicely finished contrast and giving it a luxurious look. The dial is lumed at the indexes with BGW9 as well as the hour, minute and seconds hand, providing a nice blue lume once charged. The watch can be paired with a bracelet for $1,550 or with a rubber strap for $1,350. 

There were quite a few contenders in this categories, however, Monta edges out all others, including my original top choice of Oris Divers 65. The pricing point of Monta edges out the Oris, and the smoother winding of the SW300 puts it over the top.

That’s it for Part I!

Note: Images courtesy of their respective brands


  1. Jeff I am positively mindblown that you of all people didn’t include a single NOMOS! 🙂
    Very interesting series of watches you chose, looking forward to the next part!

    1. Well, Nomos Club starts about $1.5K if I recall correctly, and it doesn’t have a screw in crownCrown The knob on the outside of the watch that you typically use to either wind the mainspring or set the time

      [Learn More], and I don’t think you can beat Monta with that range in the 1 to 2K category.

      1. Oh you are totally right, here I am counting in EUR instead of USD… Apologies!

  2. What a unique selection! Great suggestions here and very unlikely candidates. Was not expecting to see the Monta in that price bracket taking the crownCrown The knob on the outside of the watch that you typically use to either wind the mainspring or set the time

    [Learn More].

    The SKX, can we all agree this is the ultimate WIS watch no matter the budget?

    Part Two soon Jeff?

    1. The SKX is great value for sure! My list would look a bit different from Jeff’s but would definitely also have the SKX in the first category

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