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Shop News: COVID19 Update

Hello all,

Covid19 is back for a second round here and it’s going pretty hard and really fast. Our atelier is currently not affected and we are processing orders as per usual. The general lead time is also unaffected by the situation.

To make sure we keep things running smoothly, we have shifted focus (momentarily) on order processing and fulfilment. All that this really means is that you might notice reduced or delayed email feedback from our side. That’s about it for now. If after your order, we have all your details available (including wrist size etc.) we might skip the usual email exchanges and jump directly into crafting your leather goods instead. This reduces the time spent emailing and increases the time spent in the atelier. Win, win! 🙂

Thanks for your understanding and massive thanks for your continued support.

Very best regards,

Jan & Co

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