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Hands-On: Patek Philippe’s Most Controversial Release in Recent Memory (VIDEO)
5235R / 5235G

This is the story of one of the most controversial Patek Philippe releases to have ever graced the Patek Philippe catalogue. In order to fully appreciate what is so controversial about the 5235R we must take a trip back in time. And fortunately that is possible through the magic of cinema:

While controversial, this is without a doubt an exceptional Patek Philippe wristwatch. On the wrist it feels every bit as precious and exquisite as it really is. Controversial, perhaps. But what is a controversial watch today, is often found to be a highly desirable and as a result collectable watch tomorrow. 

For specs and pricing, check right here.


  1. Your videos are really something else. I must insist however, that this was even better than usual. Can’t afford the watch, but I can certainly enjoy watching along! Wonderfully done

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