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News: All Discontinued Rolex Models In 2020
Which Rolex models got discontinued in 2020?

As you might have heard, Rolex introduced a new Submariner this week and a few other watches. As per usual, Rolex also removed quite a few models from the catalog. This year the cuts went quite deep in certain collections. Let’s have a look at all the Rolex models that have been discontinued as of Sept 1 2020.


With the introduction of the new Sub, the old models have of course been sent into retirement. There are a few different models affected by this, in various metals and executions. As a result these guys didn’t make the cut: Steel Rolex Submariner 114060 (no date) and 116610 (date). In the precious metal family we bid farewell to the White Gold 116619, Yellow Gold 116618 and the Two-Tone 116613.

In addition, both the Hulk (116610LV) and the drop dead gorgeous white gold Smurf (116619) are also confirmed out. Both of these were already highly collectible, and at this point, the sky seems to be the limit as far as the ‘new’ asking prices go.


The biggest surprise in this year’s Rolex Game of Thrones is the removal of all 39mm models from the OP range.

The 39 mm is arguably the most versatile size in the OP line-up but Rolex seems to not agree. Instead they sized up to the new normal, the 41mm reference 124300.

In addition, the 36mm got quite a few new faces and upgraded as a result the series 116000 is now replaced by Oyster Perpetual reference 126000.

Finally, the Oyster Perpetual range no longer features a white dial, in any size which is not awesome since I quite liked the white dial myself. Reference 114300 is out.

Finally, another rather epic family within the OP range has been extinguished: the 26mm series in the Oyster Perpetual range is no more! The entire range has been discontinued. This follows the 2016 discontinuation of the Lady Datejust. Instead, the size has been moved up to 28mm.


In a nutshell, any Sky Dweller that came on a leather strap is no longer available. Instead, the new Sky Dweller models come on Rolex’s Oysterflex straps. Reference 326135 and Ref. 326138 are no more.


Datejusts have not really been cut from the line-up, rather they have been upgraded. As a result whatever you wanted pre September is still available today, but simply in its latest and greatest execution.


Overall, the biggest surprise this year to me, is certainly the Red Wedding type slaughter of the 39mm OP range. To many, that size is a perfect fit with 36mm being a tad small and the 41mm being too large. Bold move yes, smart move, who knows.

Overall the 2020 catalog changes are rather mild and Rolex is, as expected, saving the big announcements for 2021.


  1. I have a 2001 26mm lady datejust in gold with diamond bezel & numerals. So has the value of this watch gone up now it has been discontinued?

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