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News: Hublot Becomes Premiere League’s Official Timekeeper

In the world of sports, it is never difficult to find a big brand vying for the top sponsorship position within a given field. Say Golf, think Rolex. Say Olympics, think Omega. And as of late, say Football, think Hublot.

Hublot’s ambitions to be present in football (soccer for some) are no secret. They were omnipresent in the last World Cup and have slowly moved into different leagues since. And now, they make their entry in one of the sport’s absolute top leagues, the Premiere League.

“Matches featuring the 20 teams are available to watch in 880 million households in 188 of the world’s 193 countries recognized by the United Nations. According to research company Nielsen Sports, the Premier League has a cumulative global audience of 3.2 billion, making  it the world’s most-watched football league.”

If you’re wondering about the origin’s of this sport’s journey of the brand, I invite you to (re) watch this interview with Jean-Claude Biver:

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