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Thoughts: The Perfect GADA Watch $3,000 to $4,000 (Part III)

Part Three to the ‘Perfect GADA’ Watch series for 2019 and it gets more and more difficult as we move up the price bracket. It is a crowded and competitive range with some Breitling models and also the Mark XVIII pilot line from IWC, and of course, the Tudor Black Bay. 

Before we continue, make sure to check out Part I and Part II as this follows up on those choices which sit in lower price categories.

The winner for the perfect GADA watch under USD4000 is likely going to freak out some of you. However, the winner for me is the Grand Seiko SBGV247. Yes, it does have a quartz movement, but the movement is decorated with perlagePerlage Perlage is a decorative technique used in the finishing of mechanical watch movements. It is a type of circular graining that involves making small, circular marks on the surface of various movement components, such as the main plate, bridges, and gears, using a specialized tool. The marks are arranged in a uniform pattern and are typically very small and closely spaced. This technique is used to enhance the aesthetic of the movement and it also helps to protect the movement from dust, dirt, and other debris. [Learn More] and stripes just like a pure mechanical movement! The case is brushed all around, but the edges are beveled and polished. The angular case provides a sharp and strong contrast, a throwback to the Grand Seiko heritage from the 60s, or what enthusiasts known as 44GS case.

Although the angular case presents the watch to be bigger, the case is only 40mm and 11.8mm tall, so it should fit under a dress cuff perfectly. With a 20 BAR water resistance this watch can definitely be worn to the beach or pool with no problems at all and then dressed up for dinner quite nicely as well. The hour markers are filled lume in the middle while on the outer edges it is nicely beveled with sharp edges that is seen in Grand Seiko’s mechanical and Spring DriveSpring Drive A Spring Drive movement, pioneered by Grand Seiko, is a type of mechanical watch movement that combines the traditional mechanics of a mechanical watch with the precision of a quartz watch. It uses a mainspring as the source of energy, just like a mechanical watch, but instead of using a traditional escapement, it uses a quartz crystal to regulate the release of energy. The Spring Drive movement is considered to be highly accurate, and is known for its smooth, gliding seconds hand. [Learn More] models. The hour and minute hands receive the same sharpness as well that resembles sword like look. 

In addition, the watch is accurate to +/- 10 seconds for the whole year, so accuracy should not be an issue. The suggested retail price is $3,300 which is $300 more than the regular production model, the only difference is the dial and seconds hand and the numbers at every 5 minute mark.

Runner Up

The top runner up is the Tudor Black Bay 58, I ruled out my beloved Black Bay Red due to the 58 being thinner and also a midge smaller with a 39mm case while retailing at $3,625.

However, the refined details of the Grand Seiko finishing edges out the Black Bay 58.

A Quartz taking home the price in Part III – how about that!


  1. So Jeff suggests a Quartz eh… Have you no shame? 😉
    Great suggestion and can’t fault the runner up either sir!

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