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Shop News: Expanded Range Of High Density NATO straps
More is better

We have stocked the shop with new and more High Density NATO straps. High Thread count is just as important on a NATO strap as it is for good quality bed sheets. Why? Comfort, that’s why!

Thanks to the dense weave these straps are more comfortable and less chunky than the older type of NATO straps. Once you try these, it’s hard to go back to the lower weave count. More sizes and more colors than ever before are now available and ready to ship.

NATO straps are a great way to switch things up, easy to swap and easy to pair with nearly all watches out there.

Pro Tip: When putting these on a modern Rolex watch, make sure to use (high quality) curved springbars so you don’t tear up the strap against the sharp case angles.

Every self-respecting watch enthusiast has at the very least a few NATO straps in his strap collection. So make sure to grab a fistful of these on your way past the checkout in the shop.

More info in the shop right here

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