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Shop News: Watch Pouch Galore
Entirely New Range of Watch Pouches

New in the shop, a whole new style of watch pouches in a variety of executions. As for all our leather products, our watch pouches stand out for the excellent materials used and their distinct character that is simply unmatched. Moreover, we have designed these with a fresh and entirely unique new signature look.

As you will perhaps know, we have had a run of different watch pouches here over the years. From the more basic ones all the way to the hand-painted pieces which are all one-of-a-kind. With this entirely new design we wanted to create your new go-to watch pouch for your favourite watch. These pouches have been specifically designed for watches which sit on straps.

Watch pouches that are made to hold both watches on straps and also watches on bracelets tend to be mediocre at both these tasks. A watch that sits on a strap is quite a bit thinner and quite a bit longer to pack than a watch on a bracelet. With this new design we have created a pouch that holds your watch firmly in place while keeping bulk to a minimum.

The leather used is quite simply gorgeous. We searched high and low for the toughest leather, with the softest backing to help cuddle your watch while stowed away. We found our answer in the deer family of hides.

The watch pouches are available in several colors. Note that each color in fact has distinct features, so make sure to check those out when looking at the individual pouches in the shop.

We always say (literally – on our packaging) that life’s too short to be bland. So yes, even the watch pouches in the shop aren’t given a pass. We want your pouch to look entirely unique and have that robust character you have come to expect from our leather products. We selected the very best leather that we deemed fit for purpose and then simply let the leather do the talking.

The leather has a semi-aniline finish, meaning that you get to see all the battle scars and imperfections found on an animal’s hide after a life lived roaming the wild. As a result each and every single watch pouch will look entirely unique. Note that markings and scars are considered features and we fully embrace them to add character to each pouch. However, holes in the leather or very deep scars that change the structure of the leather will not be found in the watch pouches of course.

Essential to any watch pouch is how it treats your wristwatch when holding it tight. The inside of each pouch is super soft suede and the leather provides ample cushioning due to its thickness and structure. These pouches are built to last and made in our atelier in Belgium.

The grooves that hold down the flap are cut in a shape inspired by horse tack to give the pouch its distinct face. For added durability, the stitching features double (hand) saddle stitching at the ends where the seams take the most stress. Each pouch has subtle branding on the back with the DE GRIFF logo embossed.

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