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Hands-On: Garmin MARQ Captain (Video)
Taking sports-watches to another level

The MARQ Captain by Garmin changed the sports watch game and upped the stakes. Yes it costs a pretty penny, but yes it is also pretty impressive. This thing blows pretty much any other smartwatch out of the water (no pun intended).

Overall, if you are the type of person who often wears his sports watch, or even exclusively wears his sports watch, it may be worth paying the premium over the non-luxury version of this watch purely based on how well it holds up and how well the overall watch resists wear and tear.

If that is something you were missing in your current Garmin Quatix or Fenix watch, then do yourself a favour and go check these out in the metal. Of course if you’re only looking for functionality and do not care at all about the package, then there are also more affordable options to check out in the Garmin family. 

For a look at the full MARQ collection, make sure to check our past hands-on video right here.

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