Thoughts: The Perfect GADA Watch Part Two ($ 2000-$ 3000)

Picking up where we left out in our first series, the watches are going to be even more competitive than before with many great watches to select from in the range and under 3000 dollars. Pretty much the toughest price bracket to compete in if you ask me. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Perfect Gada Between $2000-$3000

I had a few watches in my mind, but the allure of Tudor Black Bay just wins my heart every time. Not the one you’re expecting, which falls out of the price range but it is the at the top end of the price range. The Black Bay 36 on bracelet at $2,900 and the Black Bay 41 right on the $3,000 mark. Something with the clean dial and bezel just grabs my attention! 

The Black Bay 36 - Courtesy Tudor

Similar to the Black Bays with rotating bezel, this version still retains the same case build with polished side case and fine beveling on the lugs and brushed lugs. The bracelet is brushed, matching the top of the lugs to provide an utilitarian look, but the bezel is polished, providing refined feel. The watch is rated to 150M of water resistance and from what I have seen on social media, can be easily swapped with leather strap to dress up or using a NATO for the beach or even leaving it on the bracelet.

The movement beating inside is the ETA 2824, so servicing shouldn’t be any issue from any watch makers. And as of this year, Tudor introduced a few more variations with a blue dial and gold dial in 32, 36, and 41mm case diameters, providing more options to choose from. However, in my pick for this category, the original Black Bay 36 in black gets my vote.

Silver Medalist

Now, before we go, I want to provide my runner up…. My second choice for this category was the Sinn 356 Flieger Sa. The watch provides a dressy chronographChronograph A chronograph complication is a feature in a watch that allows the wearer to measure elapsed time in addition to telling the time. It works by having a separate set of gears and levers, called the chronograph mechanism, which is activated by pressing a button or a pusher. The chronograph mechanism starts and stops the chronograph's second hand, which is usually located on the watch's dial, separate from the regular watch hands. The elapsed time is usually displayed on a sub-dial or a register on the watch's dial. [Learn More] with a nice black dial and yet provides 100 meters of water resistance! 

The 356 Flieger Sa - Courtesy Sinn

The 38.5mm case should work on most wrist sizes and even though the case is brushed, when you pair it with a leather strap, it can be dressed up quite well. I think perhaps it is due to the nature of pilot watches, I find them to be able to dress up rather easy. 

Sinn uses a top grade SW500 movement, which is equivalent to the robust ETA7750, you can see the blued screwsBlued Screws Not all blue screws are equal. Traditionally heat-blued screws, involves... heat! The blue color is achieved by heating the screws to a high temperature in a controlled and clean environment. This process produces a thin layer of oxide on the surface of the screws, which gives them their distinctive blue color. It is not uncommon to find blue screws on a watch movement that were simply chemically treated, and not heat-blued. [Learn More] and the perlagePerlage Perlage is a decorative technique used in the finishing of mechanical watch movements. It is a type of circular graining that involves making small, circular marks on the surface of various movement components, such as the main plate, bridges, and gears, using a specialized tool. The marks are arranged in a uniform pattern and are typically very small and closely spaced. This technique is used to enhance the aesthetic of the movement and it also helps to protect the movement from dust, dirt, and other debris. [Learn More] from the see thru case back! On the brushed bracelet from Sinn, this watch is currently $2,490 making this a solid runner up choice to the Black Bay. 

Bronze Medalist

My third choice for this category is the Oris Aquis Date, the watch comes with a 39.5mm case and with 300 meters of water resistance, you can definitely take it to the beach and then some. 

There are many dial versions of this watch, the ones that have caught my eyes are the blue dial versions, especially the new Save the Ocean Limited Edition. However, my only knock against this watch is the choice of third party strap choices as the watch has a different lug system, so finding a nice leather strap to dress it up will be difficult. 

The watch on bracelet retails for $2,000 and the Save the Ocean Limited Edition retails for $2,200, both are great value for the price.


  1. Interesting list Jeff! Agreed that the BB36 is really tough to beat in this category, arguably the most difficult to make a top three from.

  2. Totally agree! And you’re right about the Aquis and limitations on the strap. Strong brand love from Oris, though!

  3. That Sinn is so perfectly executed, I really should get a Sinn added to the collection one of these days

    Is there anything in this range that exists with in-house movement and falls in the GADA category? Asking for a friend

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