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News: HUBLOT Calls Time Out Due To Covid19
Temporarily Closed.

Following the previous news of Rolex shutting down due to Coronavirus, Covid19, we have received another heads-up from the folks over at the Hublot Manufacture. Please find hereunder the statement in full.

We are going through a period of crisis unprecedented in our recent history, with the expansion of COVID-19. The Federal Council, the Government of Switzerland, yesterday announced more stringent
measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, and in particular strict restrictions on movement applicable from today.

This has led us to adapt our latest instructions to this new situation,
with the same ongoing objective: protecting our employees and their families. By way of precaution, and to protect our personnel, we have decided to go beyond our government’s current recommendations, and close our manufacture’s production site for the time being. This is a temporary measure that will be applied until further notice.

It is our hope that this decision will help comply with the need to reduce travel, as communicated by the public authorities, in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus and protect all of our citizens.

We are confident in our ability to overcome this crisis, together.

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