Shop News: Important Covid19 Update
Did someone say FREE STICKERS?!

UPDATE: Fixed the shipping cost getting added per item, it is now as it should be – a flat fee per package! Apologies for the mixup there. Everyone affected has since been refunded the additional and unintended charge.

Dear all,

We hope you and your loved ones are doing fine, and doing the right thing: Staying inside. It is the smart thing to do and if you can do it – just do it.

As we manufacture our own leather goods and we’re all hunkered down here, it is business as usual at slightly reduced capacity. Our shop is going strong here. We do need to get the packages to your doorstep of course. We have just been informed by our main carrier that they are no longer shipping to a boatload of destinations. Rest assured, we currently still have several other routes we can use to get packages delivered safely to your safe-haven/bunker/refuge.

We are not closing the shop. To ensure we can keep delivering packages around the globe, we are forced to ship everything by courier. These modern-day heroes that keep our economy going are in fact still going out there every single day around the world. How cool is that.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you already placed your order, nothing changes except for obvious reasons the deliveries may get slightly delayed. If you are about to place an order, we have to temporarily charge a shipping fee. As you will know, this is highly unusual for us as we always offer shipping on the house here for leather goods. We will maintain said charge until the situation is resolved by the main carriers here and planes start flying again.

Please note that the small fee we are charging is a highly subsidised shipping fee (meaning – we are absorbing a big chunk on our end as well). The shipment is however by courier, so it’s lightning fast and you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. In addition, as a small – but pretty darn cool – consolation, we are adding a set of fantastic DE GRIFF stickers in each package during this period. The show must go on and the show will go on.

As you surely know by now, we appreciate the trust and support you give us immensely. Thank you for your support!

Keep on rocking and stay safe people.


Jan & Co


  1. You guys are fantastic. I have just ordered again after a long time, still wearing the aged black! I have noticed your small fee for the temporary courier service is lower than the standard shipping fee at most boutiques. You are a class act. Thank you and god bless.

  2. Joined Pete and placed an order as well, something to look forward to during these times. Take all the time you need, it is not urgent, just wanted to show support. Love what you do (and the shipping fee is absolutely negligible).


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