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Breaking: Rolex Closes Amidst Covid19 Pandemic
The Crown Shuts Down.

Today, the almighty ruler of the Swiss Watch industry decided enough is enough. Rolex has sent out word that it is closing its factories in Geneva, Bienne and Crissier as of 17 March until 27 March. With the option to keep factories closed beyond the 27th should this be necessary.

Rolex is in the unique position that it essentially answers to no one. It can do whatever it pleases, no stock-price gets punished (they aren’t listed) and no stockholders that get mad. This allows them to perhaps make this heavy decision a bit quicker than others.

It is, beyond any doubt, the right decision. Considering the current global situation one can reasonably expect that other brands will follow in their footsteps as the crisis has shown no signs of slowing down in Switzerland and Europe.

Be safe out there everyone. If possible, stay inside and play with your watches when bored.

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