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News: eBay Embraces Second-Hand Luxury Watch Market


eBay has been working overtime when it comes to verifying luxury goods (e.g. handbags) sold on its platform are indeed genuine. As of 2019 they are set to tackle the luxury watch market by helping buyer’s looking to purchase a watch on eBay.

Mr James Hendy, in charge of eBay’s authentication service for luxury products, stated that by close of 2019 eBay will bring a whole array of services which will be available to all luxury watch sellers and buyers on the platform. In the immediate future, starting 2019, Reuters reports that ‘eBay will allow consumers to instantly sell their luxury watches on the site, adding authentication services to cover all consumer-to-consumer (C2C) transactions during the second half of the year’.

In addition, eBay is also looking at directly partnering up with watch brands to further enhance the online buying experience.


For the full & interesting read, head over to the Reuters right here.


  1. Very interesting move. While I use eBay quite often, I wouldn’t even think about trusting it for such high value purchases. This news would change my stance quite a bit I think, such a welcome change.

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