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Alligator straps. The quintessential luxury watch strap for which there truly is no substitute if that’s the look you’re after. A bespoke handcrafted de Griff Alligator strap is about as good as it gets here. Built to last, dyed to allow the natural patterns & characteristics of the material to shine. To top it all off, each strap is lined with hypoallergenic and hydrophobic lining.

Modus Operandi

You may have noticed, in the shop these list a status which says “Contact Us”. Let us briefly explain why we do this, and specifically for our ‘Artisan’ strap collection which consists of all our straps made of precious and therefore rare materials.


First of all, we don’t get a lot of straps out of a single hide. Therefore we don’t always have the necessary raw materials in stock. In addition, stock replenishment has proven a bit unpredictable the past months. Sometimes we have material back in very quickly, and sometimes it seems to take ages. When contacting us, we can tell you if it is in stock and if not, when it would be back in stock. In addition, we can then double check your exact requirements for the strap to make sure we get everything absolutely perfect right from the start.


There are no second chances with alligator, we get one cut, and that’ll make for a unique scale pattern. No two straps are ever the same.

So if you’d like to treat yourself to the absolute crème de la crème of watch straps, just Contact us in order to get your order moving.

Shipping (EU)

Please keep in mind that for the moment we are not shipping these outside the EU. For re-export out of the EU we need a permit for each strap according to the CITES regulations. Making sure the permits are processed quickly and cost effectively has proven to be quite the administrative burden & headache so we’re keeping clear from that for the time being.  We are working on resolving this shipping restriction with the authorities who have been nothing but helpful.

Keep in mind that any alligator item you buy and import which doesn’t come with the required certificate, has been shipped to you illegally and both you and the seller risk very severe penalties for illicit trade in endangered species.


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