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Watch Works: Gold Chatons

Let’s have an extreme close-up look at a gold chaton for this brief entry in the Watch Works section. Gold chatons are found on high end watches. They are the most luxurious seat a ruby will ever have.


Nowadays used only for decorative purposes. The ruby (jewel bearing) is pressed in the chaton, and the chaton itself is often secured in place by screws (three in the Moser case above). Using gold chatons is more time-consuming and costly than simply pressing the jewels directly in the bridges. This is why you’ll likely only find these in high end watches. More holes are to be drilled, and many more screws have to be secured in place.

In the case of for example Lange, where they use a lot of gold chatons, that means a lot of extra work & screws:

Lange bridge with 7 gold chatons secured by 19 blue screws (!)

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