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News: Swatch Group Hit By Cyber-Attack
... because 2020?

As if a biological attack for 2020 wasn’t enough, Swatch Group was a recent target of a digital attack. The attack is rumoured to be a ransomware attack. This an attack where criminals try to lock IT systems of its victims (usually corporations who need their systems up and running to make money). They then try to force their victims to send payment to unlock said systems.

Swatch Group took quick action and shut down certain services to safeguard its system, this has reportedly had ‘some’ impact on operations as well.

Swatch Group issued a statement adding further clarity to the topic indicating “The Swatch Group confirms that it has identified clear signs of a developing cyber attack on some of it’s IT systems during the weekend. For security reasons the Group immediately took action and shut down some of it’s IT systems as a precaution, which affected some operations”.

It further adds that “Swatch Group immediately assessed and analysed the nature of the attack, took appropriate measures, and implemented the necessary corrections. The situation will return to normal as soon as possible. The Group will, of course, file a criminal complaint against X.”

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