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Release: NOMOS Lambda Limited edition In Stainless Steel
Happy 175th Birthday!

NOMOS is responsible for more than just one of my all time favourite wristwatches, that is perhaps my worst kept secret to date. So anything new coming out of Glashütte always has my attention.

With this new release, NOMOS has decide to bring the Lambda in Steel rather than precious metal. This is a really big deal. NOMOS has now managed to bring a true haute horlogerie calibre within reach of many. I can not think of any brand to manage anything close to what NOMOS has decided to do for this limited series. It is also a limited run which is limited, not for marketing purposes, but because I do not think it is feasible to do this in high volumes.

The Lambda is traditionally released in precious metal only and is priced quite a bit higher than the average timepiece in their catalogue. All for good reason. Even in that gold configuration, in my mind, the Lambda is a steal. The Lambda boasts a drop dead gorgeous in-house manual calibre DUW 1001. Combine that with the clean bauhaus aesthetics on the dialside, and you have an absolute winner.

Is there anyone, anywhere, at any time that comes anywhere close to offering such value? I think there is really only one that I can think of (hint: it starts with ‘no’ and ends with ‘body’).

This is limited to 175 pieces, and rightly so, as I can’t quite picture them making these in high volumes at that asking price. All I can say is, NOMOS is sure to make 175 people very happy in the very near future. This is a limited edition done right, this is a celebration done right.

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