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Hands-On: Leap Year! Three Perpetual Calendars Worth A Closer Look.
The day all PC owners look forward to is finally here

It’s that rare time of the year again – the year where the 29th of February actually exists! Mindblowing, I know.

While the rest of us are adjusting the date on our mechanical watches today, there are a few of you out there that have been looking forward to today for a long time. In fact, you probably scheduled a ‘random’ meetup with your watch-saviant friends, just to show them the magic that is happening on your very wrist. For you have a Perpetual CalendarPerpetual Calendar A perpetual calendar is a complication in a mechanical watch that automatically adjusts for the different lengths of the months, including February, and leap years, and (almost) never requires manual adjustments. It has a mechanism that takes into account the different number of days in each month, including leap years, and automatically adjusts the date, day, month and year accordingly [Learn More] on your wrist.

While there are many perpetual calendars out there, there’s only one that is as rock solid as the one put forth by Moser & Cie. At least to my knowledge, and please do correct me if I’m wrong. You can rock it back and forth all you want around the midnight mark, it will not break, it’ll just keep on doing it’s thing. It is arguably the feature that put Moser dead center on the map of more than one watch collector.

If intrigued, do have a look at our previous write-up on a Perpetual Calendar worth owning right here.

There are of course more than one Perpetual Calendar that makes one weak in the knees. Another more than fantastic example was released by the folks at Jaeger-LeCoultre, and you can look at it here.

Finally, if you have about a Million US Dollars laying around, there4s always the Patek Philippe 5213G to keep you company. You can see what that one is all about right here.

Happy 29th of February everyone!

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