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Hands-On: Patek Philippe 5213G (Video)


Patek and its gorgeous Minute Repeaters, the horological equivalent of peanut butter & jelly. In this video recap we go hands-on with this exceptional wristwatch.

It belongs in the Grand Complication & Minute RepeaterMinute Repeater A minute repeater is a complication in a mechanical watch that allows you to hear the time by activating a chime. It chimes the hours, quarter hours, and minutes on command by activating a slide or a button. The mechanism is based on a set of gongs and hammers that strike the gongs to produce the chimes. The minute repeater is considered to be one of the most complex and difficult complications to manufacture. It is a traditional complication that was used in the past to tell time in the dark or in low-light environments. [Learn More] family of Patek Philippe. It houses a self-winding movement,  R 27 PS QR, featuring a minute repeater and retrograde perpetual calendarPerpetual Calendar A perpetual calendar is a complication in a mechanical watch that automatically adjusts for the different lengths of the months, including February, and leap years, and (almost) never requires manual adjustments. It has a mechanism that takes into account the different number of days in each month, including leap years, and automatically adjusts the date, day, month and year accordingly [Learn More]. All of this is packed in an exquisite 40.6mm “Officer’s Style” white gold case.



      1. … and not just with the 5213G, also with the other 3 (crazy) watches on display that day 🙂

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