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Shop News: Camouflage Straps Galore

Following the global outcry (not really) when we discontinued our previous Camouflage range, we are back as promised with new and improved Camo straps. Two distinct patterns, two distinct color combinations, both resulting in unique looking watch straps.

If you’re looking for ‘that’ camo pattern, don’t think twice about it and just grab our Woodlands Camo strap in the Original series. The mix of colors used mean that this strap will stand out a bit. Depending on the watch, this works very – very – well. Our stitch of choice for this strap is the Vintage double stitch as pictured.

If instead you’re looking to go a bit more low-key, then the Stealth Camo is what you should be looking at. The camouflage pattern is there, but the colors used are darker shades of their Woodlands cousins. As a result you get a Camouflage strap that is extremely versatile to wear. To complete the look, our stitch style of choice is the horizontal stitch in a nice black thread.

Made from top grade calfskin, bark tanned in Italy and of course handcrafted into watch straps in our atelier in Belgium. There are many camouflage style straps out there, not quite any like these.

More information available in our shop.

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