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News: Patek Nautilus 5711 Discontinued – Cementing Its Unicorn Status

Note: This article concerns the white dial being discontinued in 2020. For the report of the blue dial which has been discontinued in 2021 check here.

The 5711 has been rumored to get discontinued for several years running now. This combined with persistent under-supply has driven prices sky high. The 5711 white dial has now been discontinued. Are prices about to go stratospheric? Hint: most definitely.

Patek Phillipe has communicated the 2020 run-out list. What is quite different is that the 5711 white dial is now confirmed as being discontinued. No way of finding it on the website either. This is sure to cement the unicorn status of this already hard to get wristwatch.

Know that this does not signal the end of the Nautilus collection of course. There are currently still 27 models listed in this collection, including the 5711 with the blue dial.

Being a fan of the white dial, I can’t say this news doesn’t hurt my watch collecting dreams at least a little..

Sad to see this go, yet not very surprising. It goes hand in hand with Stern’s recent remarks that they want to limit the number of ‘steel’ watches out there from the brand.

Perhaps this makes room for a new surprising dial color to sit next to the iconic blue. Time will tell..

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