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News: Tudor Opens Monobrand Store – First in Europe – In London

Tudor joins the Monobrand boutique strategy and has announced its first Monobrand boutique in Europe is said to open in London.


It is not a world-first, but certainly a first for Europe (in case you wonder if the UK is still part of Europe? Yes for the moment – confusing I know). The launch is in partnership with Watches of Switzerland. Watches of Switzerland is a British retailer of luxury Swiss watches, with over a dozen stores in the United Kingdom. As of recently, it is listed on the London Stock Exchange as reported previously.

It is unclear if this will be rolled out across the continent at a later stage, it would certainly make sense in a post-Brexit world…



  1. Well, Brexit or not: with that name Tudor is supposed to open a store in Britain first, right? Ok, bad joke. I‘m excited to see the P01 in the flesh, polarizing watch, a real splitter. Turned out they are sold fast in my corner of the woods.

    1. Great joke, I should have thought of that myself! 🙂
      P01… yes… I’m yet to see one in the metal!

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