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Release: Glashuette Original PanoMatic Lunar Rose Opaline

Known for their bold big dates and dressier watches and well decorated movements. Glashutte Original has been releasing a few watches with bolder color dials in the past year or so as we have seen with the Senator 60s green dial last year and now the Senator 60s orange dial in 2019. And now, we have another new release, this time in a limited edition of 50 pieces in the PanoMatic Lunar line up.

The new limited edition has a rose opaline dial, or as the community prefer to use, “salmon” dial. This color dial has been trending lately as have seen from the likes of A Lange n Sohne, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe.s

The watch is similar to the watches in the PanoMatic Lunar line up with an off center dial on the left side and an elegantly finished moonphaseMoonphase A moonphase complication is a feature found in some watches that displays the phase of the moon as it appears in the sky. It typically includes a small disc with a representation of the moon, usually with a depiction of the lunar surface, that rotates to indicate the current phase of the moon. The disc rotates once every 29.5 days, the same period of time it takes for the moon to go through its lunar cycle. [Learn More] at the 2 o’clock position and big date at 4 o’clock.   

The indexes and hands are both thermally blued to provide a nice contrast. The big date also has a dark blue date wheel with contrasting white days and the moonphase also has a blue disc to stay consistent with the blue theme, which is often overlooked and breaks dial symmetry.

The movement is very well finished with nicely decorated double balance cocks and a small gold rotor with the double G. The watch has the same steel case as the non limited models and has a 40mm diamter while only 12.7mm tall. 

The watch will be sold via Glashuette Original Boutiques worldwide. However, despite the exquisite dial and movement finishing, the prices are relatively affordable as it costs 9,400 Euros including VAT and 9,700 Euros on a deployant buckle.

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