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Shop News: Kudu Straps

Our latest addition to the leather strap range is made from the African Antelope Kudu – or more commonly known as Kudu. Kudu isn’t farmed, therefore all of the resulting hides have all the marks and character you would expect on an animal living in the wild.

Kudu can be found roaming a range of African countries. They are not raised or culled for their hides, these are bi-products. The hunting of Kudu is the result of a mandate issued by the South African government to control the overpopulation of said species.

You will find ‘Kudu’ leather in other places, but Kudu is actually often used just to name the color and the leather would be a more traditional calfskin. Note that in our case it is in fact Kudu. Note that we source our leather from a world class tannery as we always do, so the entire chain is of top notch quality here.

Found roaming the steppes and no strangers to thorny bushes, their hides are never pristine, they have a wide range of marks and scars. This gives each cut a particular and unique character. To let the natural material take center stage, the first in the Kudu range is offered seamless, without any stitching to distract. The lining of the strap is our familiar and super soft calfskin.

The texture of the straps is unique compared to anything else we have in the shop, it is extremely soft to the touch, almost velvet like with a hint of nubuck to it.

Due to the nature of this leather, please note that they can not be thinned down as thin as calfskin. As a result the Kudu straps are not suited for watches with narrow space between the case and the springbar.


    1. Hi Tobias,

      Thanks a lot for mentioning it, I noticed it sits a bit hidden in the shop. I have moved it upwards within the ‘Artisan’ collection. It isn’t in the ‘original’ collection since it is quite a bit different in more ways than one. It is more fitting to the Artisan collection since it is a very special leather, has the extra calfskin lining and the stitching (none) is different fro the Original strap collection.

      Appreciate the feedback!

      Kind regards,

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