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Shop News: Expanding The Riviera Strap Family

The Riviera family has been a mainstay in our collection for quite some time now. Italian bark tanned calfskin, smooth to the touch, lightweight and packed full of character.

We’ve been slowly expanding the line and are pleased to introduce a fresh set of colours! They are purebred DE GRIFF, featuring the beautiful details that you only get with a truly handmade leather strap. As per usual, these are handmade in our atelier in Belgium (100 percent).

The Riviera Sky Blue strap is the most radiant of the colors, and a great excuse to get a leather strap for summer – yes for summer! 

The Riviera Patina is the conclusion to a long search for the perfect shade to match to the patina (faux or not) on the dial of your watches. This pairs extremely easily on a wide range of watches, but it truly shines on watches with – you guessed it – patina!

The Riviera Cuoio is as real a strap as it gets, it is a color that closely resembles a fresh olive, it is very different fron ‘tan’ which we already have in the shop. The great treat of this particular finishing is that the patina shines through very nicely straight fron the get-go. 

The Riviera Carya Brown has been a long time coming now. Frankly speaking, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better brown leather strap than this one. Versatile, beautiful, earthy shade of brown.

Check them out in the shop!


  1. All are lovely yet again, I do believe that brown one will be ordered in exactly 60 seconds from now 😀

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