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Release: Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

So I received a text from a friend earlier today with the above picture stating Omega released a new limited edition Speedmaster. Admittedly, I had to look twice as I thought it was a picture of his actual vintage Omega. A quick visit to the official website however confirms it, Omega released a limited edition Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 – 50th Anniversary

This is a very familiar sight to our loyal readers, no doubt. As we have covered the original ‘Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI’ on the website in a hands-on article right here.  

As per Omega ‘Four months after Apollo 11 reached the moon in 1969, OMEGA held a special “Astronaut Appreciation Dinner” in Houston, Texas, where the gold Speedmaster BA145.022 was presented to NASA’s astronauts. Only 1,014 of these models were produced between 1969 and 1973, and they remain hugely sought-after by collectors.’

The original limited series from 1969

Anyone who’s read my hands-on review of the original knows that I love – L.O.V.E. – that release. Yes it is yellow gold and no I don’t look quite right wearing it, but who cares, it is one of very few yellow gold watches I’d rock without giving it a second thought. 

Now the re-release of this limited edition, also comes in the same 1014 numbers. And looks almost exactly the same as the original based on the press release pictures. 

Differences exist of course, firstly it is made in a new alloy which they call 18K Moonshine (trademark) gold. The bezel is in burgundy ceramic. The watch is powered by the “OMEGA Master ChronometerChronometer A chronometer watch movement is a high-precision movement that has been certified by an official organization, such as the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) or other similar bodies, as meeting certain standards of accuracy and performance. These standards include requirements for the rate of the watch, its resistance to temperature and other environmental factors, and its power reserve. Chronometer watches are tested for several days, in different positions, and at different temperatures to ensure their precision. [Learn More] Calibre 3861 – complete with burgundy markings and several 18K Moonshine™ gold parts”

I have a bit of mixed feelings with this release, much the same as with them bringing back calibre 321. Primo, it’s  yet another Speedmaster limited edition. Secondo, it’s a visually nearly identical re-release of a previously released limited edition. Terzo, it somehow doesn’t have calibre 321. I realize the ‘original’ limited edition had the calibre 861, but you know what this means… Quarto, this means there’s yet another limited edition pending which surely will be powered by the calibre 321. 

This is a limited edition re-release of a limited edition release. Not too many points for creativity here. That said, it looks wicked good and it gives you a chance to own one of the coolest Speedmaster limited editions with a modern engine using modern materials. 

Estimated release price: CHF 32,000.00


  1. Hi Jan, for this reason i just removed my email address from the Omega mailing list. A pain to get off by the way. Having missed out on the speedy Tuesday release and after that the ultraman by minutes. I really think Omega should have at least made distinct differences in this latest release. The lack of creativity is evident, but on a positive side I agree fully that this is a gold watch i would rock but at that price tag i would still get me a H.Moser &Cie Wouldn’t you ?

    1. Hi Job, great reading you here! I completely understand. Limited Editions shouldn’t be the only tools in the shed and sometimes it sure feels that this is the way it is.

      For CHF 32,000.00 you can definitely pick plenty of ‘all original’ watches, and your suggestion would certainly not be a bad choice 😉

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