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Shop News: New Options & Stock

Well it sure took us a while, but we’re back fully stocked with raw materials! Your favorite straps are back available and then some. Join us below for a closer look at the new options & also everything that makes a comeback for 2019! This is the first drop of the year, of course not the last.

First up, following the very positive feedback regarding our Riviera series, we’ve further expanded the range. The Riviera series, available in several colors, distinguishes itself from the Portofino series in its softness & light weight. The leather is bark tanned & will develop a light patina over time. They feel more like a soft leather jacket than saddle leather. The leather is sourced from – no exaggeration – world class tanneries in Italy.

Riviera Algarve Green, the freshest addition to the Riviera family. Inspired by the views in Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region, known for its Atlantic beaches and lush green golf courses. Note that stitch color can be adjusted to your liking as always.

Next up is the hottest strap in the Riviera series, our Supreme Red strap. Sure to up your wrist-game. It’s red, really red, please don’t expect this to go unnoticed. Difficult to capture on pictures, the red is a very warm red feeling very natural. Red sports car not mandatory.

And, following a brief rupture in stock, all below strap options are back. Raw materials are ready, just awaiting your orders so we can start crafting your very own bespoke strap

Stonewash Grey Suede, does it really need further introduction?

The Distressed Forrest Green also makes a comeback. Immortalized by this shot from Austin on what is arguably the finest 1016 I’ve seen to date:

And yes, you guessed it, the Oak Brown Suede is also back available. Et c’est beau!

Also back is the strap that’ll pair perfectly with your cordovan shoes, the Portofino Burgundy strap:

Please also keep in mind that all our Racing Strap colors are now available, and will be expanded with a few funky colors over the course of the next few weeks 😉


  1. Heh, that must be the best looking green strap I’ve ever seen. Who would have thought? And finally the suedes are back! To avoid missing out again, I’ve taken all + The green 🙂 Will have to find a watch to pair with the red strap. Perhaps a Tin Tin ?

  2. That green, that red!! Spring can’t get here soon enough!
    @Claude: Tin Tin exactly my thoughts, better get one fast as they’re not getting any cheaper as of late..

    Not waiting for spring with my order 😉

  3. Thank you very much Peter! The Green is really something else – I agree with your suggestion for the red pairing 😉

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