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News: Baselworld Gears Up For 2020+

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m excited for Baselworld 2019. This is the year where all eyes are on the (new) management to show everyone that they hear the demand for change. The need to finally bring the fair into the 21th Century.

So far, I have been nothing but positively surprised by the many efforts put forth by the organizers for this year’s edition. It looks like they’ve taken the challenge and are determined to prove everyone that Baselworld has a place in the future of the watch industry. Now, with March nearly here, the organizers have released a teaser preview of what to expect for 2020+. It not only shows their confidence that there will actually be a fair in 2020, it also shows they have been taking note of the feedback. Better late than never, and it certainly has me looking forward to 2020!

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  1. That video footage, I wonder where they got it all from? I mean, this is a vision statement I understand, but still, it looks real? 😀 Won’t be able to make it to 2019, but am hoping to make it to the next one (finally)

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