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Shop News: The Bund Straps Have Landed

A Bund Strap, is there any more polarizing strap design out there? I doubt it. People tend to either love or hate them, and not really anything in between those two. Count me in camp number two, until recently.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always appreciated how a good bund strap can look on other people. I’ve just never found one that looked good on my very own wrist. They always felt a bit off. Now, after repeatedly being asked by a collector of very fine ‘flieger’ watches, we decided to give it our own interpretation. A Bund strap that we’d actually want to wear ourselves. Here are the key characteristics we had set for ourselves:

  • Top quality oak tanned leather as a base material;
  • Leather cuff should be removable and be slim (not bulky);
  • Leather finish needs to have heaps of character;
  • Leather to allow for patina development over time.

With that in mind, we went to work. The resulting strap is one that meets all those criteria. The cuff is removable, once removed the strap becomes essentially an ‘Original’ strap. This means you can wear the strap on most occasions, either with or without the cuff. The thin cuff also makes it much more wearable than most (bund) straps out there. This means your watch won’t sit ‘high’, a complaint often associated with other bund straps.

We opted for what I would call a ‘straight’ cuff, giving a more modern visual styling to the bund. The cuff is thinned down and as a result our bund straps wear thinner than many a NATO strap, how about that eh. We give each individual cuff their unique patina and the edges are nicely finished:

As you will notice, the leather looks absolutely gorgeous. It is oak tanned french calfskin, tanned in Italy and worked vigorously by us here in Belgium. This is without reservation world-class leather and as a result it feels very luxurious & comfortable on the wrist. The tone is a deep brown, with a hint of greys in there. Depending on the light source (warm sunlight vs cold interior light), the strap will look quite different giving it an organic feel. Just look at the different tones it seems to show depending on the various light sources used in the pictures used in this very article, quite fantastic really.

As per usual, the Bund straps feature our signature buckles sourced from Switzerland. The strap is entirely handmade in Belgium by us. The result, is a fine Bund strap that we are proud to now offer in the shop for all to enjoy.

Check them out in the store right here.


  1. Well I never considered a Bund strap until today… Very well executed! That leather looks beyond nice as well. Great job lads!

  2. Loving the look and color of these! Placed on order, can’t wait to receive it! No rush, please take your time 🙂



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