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Photo Report: The Watches At Our Brussels Lunch

We had a Brussels Meet not too long ago, where we invited a great group of watch enthusiasts to enjoy a good lunch and drinks with us. Browsing through the pictures of the lunch, I couldn’t help but notice there were quite a few watches on peoples wrists too. Hereunder a quick photo report of some (by far not all) watches that were on people’s wrists.


Not one you’ll find often in the wild, the Ressence Type 3. Innovation rarely looks this good:

The trusty Rolex GMT, on a Stonewash Grey strap of ours, an unlikely match-up which won me over in a heartbeat:


A pre-ceramic Daytona, is all kinds of great. This watch was temporarily handed down from father to son for the day. We strongly believe the father is unlikely to ever get it back though:

Despite it being Saturday, there was the #SpeedyTuesday Ultraman. It’s most definitly worth the hype and was looking quite dapper on one of our custom black gators with orange accents


Part of the wristwear of two of the Moser guests, the Moser Venturer Mad watch. On so many levels, so very good:


The Panerai ‘LUMINOR DUE 3 DAYS TITANIO’ wears super comfy at 42mm and is refreshingly light with its Titanium case. The Blue Sunburst dial is a visual treat. The pairing on our Brown Gator strap was a personal pleasure to see as well:


The Rolex Datejust with Fluted bezel & Wimbledon dial. Had to see it to believe it, it’s a beauty:


Ms de Griff was sporting the JLC Reverso Classique on our Honey Brown Barenia strap:


There are many Speedmasters, but this one is mine:


What does a former watchmaker from Moser wear, you ask? He wears a highly complicated and funky blue Endeavour Perpetual Calendar:


This one stole the Moser show for me. The technical & visual aspects are wonderful and the sizing is just right (not too big, not too thick, just right):


One of two Pepsi’s at the party. This one on its lovely jubilee bracelet:


Most daring combo at the Meet if you ask me, an Explorer 214270 Mark I on one of our ostrich leg straps:


In the background you’ll see an Omega FOIS Speedmaster and the Logines Legend Diver:


Monsieur Gavox joined us as well, fully decked out in Gavox watches & gear. The Aurora is something special to see in action:


A limited edition B&R for the Belgian Air Force was present (1 of 99 pieces made).


The ‘other’ Pepsi at the party on one of our Navy Blue Alligator straps:


The Patek was one of the watches on display and part of someone’s private collection. I believe this was perhaps the most photographed watch of the day, and for plenty of good reasons:


Me caught trying to capture the blackness of the Moser Vantablack prototype dial next to my Speedmaster:


And last but not least, a gentleman was caught casually double-wristing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and a Patek Nautilus. This shot wins for wristshot of the year, surely:


It was a great time and some lovely watches were on display no doubt. For the full report of the Lunch event with Moser, stay tuned, it’s coming very soon.

Pictures by Atelier de Griff, Riva Aquarama, Watchwalker & WatchBobby


  1. Serious watches over there. A Ressence?! That double wrist shot! Ultraman! Moser?! What a party man!!!! 🙂

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