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Lume Battle: Rolex Vs Seiko Lume (Video)

Yes, we went ahead and did this. Because while Rolex is King, you hear that Seiko is the undisputed Lume King. What better way to put this to the test, than letting them duke it out in front of us.

We have a Seiko Monster with oldschool Lume facing a Rolex Explorer with the new and improved blue Chromalight. Keep in mind that the camera is intentionally set to capture less than you would see with the eye, this helps us keep the test a bit shorter while showing the difference between both quite effectively. This comparison isn’t a science experiment and is purely for observational fun.

Seiko Monster. Dive Ready Lume Monster.

In reality, the conclusion seemed to be that both watches have a very clear peak luminescence the first minute or two (no surprise there). This then drops as fast as the Bitcoin charts after the first few minutes. After that, both watches’ lume flatten out and remain readable in low light conditions for hours into the night as you’d expect. Who wins?

Chromalight ready

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