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Brussels Master Class Haute Horlogerie


We are gearing up for another Meet in Brussels in October. Other than talking watches over drinks & food, the highlight of the day will be a session hosted by Maison De Greef. No need to bring a loupe, they’re bringing the microscope. In addition, they bring genuine passion and first class horological insights to the table. Last meet they casually floured us with the below magnificent piece (amongst others), and the following meet promises to be a supercharged version of this.

For the previous meet we noted down the names and contact info of the people not able to join due to max capacity, please check your emails. We have sent out the email past Friday. If you’d like to join us in October, don’t hesitate to reach out, the date is coming up fast.

See you there! 🙂

UPDATE: For the moment the event is fully booked. Please do not hesitate to still reach out via email, so we can add your name on the list in case a place frees up or for our next event.


    1. Really great to hear! Working out the final details of the meet, it’ll be worth the trip I assure you 🙂

  1. Hello,

    I’d be highly interested to participate to this event (depending on the date of course)
    How can I get on the list ?
    Thanks in advance,

    Best regards

    1. Hi Nicolas, this is great to hear! For the moment the event is fully booked, it ‘sold out’ quite a bit faster than expected. However, if possible send us an email and I will add you to the waiting list in case a place frees up (will know by the end of this week). If not this time, then we’ll also have your contact info, if you wish, for the next meetup which we will for sure organize (there’s always a next one).

      Thanks a lot for the support!
      Best regards,

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