The Mind Of A Master: George Daniels (video)

George Daniels was considered the world’s very best watchmaker during his lifetime. I ran across this video that was recently uploaded by his (former apprentice) Roger W. Smith, you may have seen it by now, it is certainly worth a reminder. Roger W. Smith is the British independent watchmaker who earned the right to work with George Daniels. The BBC once noted that  “the timepieces he [Mr Daniels] painstakingly produced were said to be among the most extraordinary and technically advanced watches ever made”. In addition, Daniels is also the creator of the famed Co-Axial Escapement.

And now, thanks to this wonderful upload by Mr Smith, we can all have a little peak into the mind of the Master. Certainly worth a look for the watch enthusiasts out there:

Splash image courtesy Daniels London.

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