The Mind Of A Master: George Daniels (video)

George Daniels was considered the world’s very best watchmaker during his lifetime. I ran across this video that was recently uploaded by his (former apprentice) Roger W. Smith, you may have seen it by now, it is certainly worth a reminder. Roger W. Smith is the British independent watchmaker who earned the right to work with George Daniels. The BBC once noted that  “the timepieces he [Mr Daniels] painstakingly produced were said to be among the most extraordinary and technically advanced watches ever made”. In addition, Daniels is also the creator of the famed Co-Axial EscapementCo-Axial Escapement The co-axial escapement is a type of escapement mechanism invented by George Daniels, a British watchmaker, in the 1970s, and is characterized by the use of a co-axial wheel, which is a three-level wheel that replaces the traditional pallets used in other escapements. It uses a unique design that allows the gears to run with less friction, which means that it requires less maintenance and will have a longer lifespan than traditional escapements. Additionally, it is said to be more precise than traditional escapements, this is mainly because of the decreased friction which allows the balance wheel to oscillate more consistently. [Learn More].

And now, thanks to this wonderful upload by Mr Smith, we can all have a little peak into the mind of the Master. Certainly worth a look for the watch enthusiasts out there:

Splash image courtesy Daniels London.

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