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Hands-On: Rolex GMT Master 1675 (Video)


Baselworld 2018, Rolex fans around the world were finally rewarded with a new steel Pepsi GMT. What’s more, it came on a revolutionary jubilé bracelet. As for most modern Rolex steel sports watches, it came with the non-voluntary subscription to the infamous ‘waiting list’ from Rolex.

However, just going back a few decades in time, you’ll find that this release is not so much revolutionary but rather evolutionary, in good old Rolex tradition. The Pepsi Rolex GMT Master has been around for quite some time. And in this video we go hands-on with the Reference 1675. A lot of variations of this reference are in existence, should you be on the lookout for one, the key lesson here is to do your homework. Various dial variations were introduced, hands slightly tweaked, crown guards slightly evolved, all within the same reference 1675. So buyer beware. In this video we go hands-on with one such variation.

Sincere thanks to @Riva_Aquarama for loaning this vintage gem!



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