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Shop: de Griff Watch Pouch

pouchheroxThe watch pouch finally lands in our shop. Handmade, handcut and handstitched right here on our bench. Currently available only to our return customers.

The leather is bark tanned Italian calfskin, thick enough to provide some padding & protection and soft enough to avoid scratching your watch. Every watch pouch also comes with a little de Griff back protector to avoid that the bracelet on your watch scratches the back of the case during transport.


Anything that is glued is also stitched, there is even stitching which you’ll never see, yet it is there making sure the pouch will outlast the majority of watch pouches out there today. Stress points have extra stitching for maximum strength. Edges are also handfinished for extra visual appeal.

No metal hardware is used for locking the pouch. While this means it takes us a great bit more time to make the pouch, it also means that there is absolutely nothing present on the pouch that could accidentally scratch your watch during transport.


As mentioned, currently available only to our return customers. More info in the shop, order by contacting us directly.


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