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Lug width

LUG /lʌɡ/ (Noun)
1. A person’s ear.
2. A projection on an object by which it may be carried or fixed in place.

That dictionary isn’t too helpful this time around, isn’t it? When we’re asking about your lug width, rest assured we don’t need to know the size of your ears! 😉

How to measure the lug width

The Lug width is the space between the lugs on your watch. This will determine the width of your strap. The lugs are the little ‘horns’ that come out of the watch case which serve to hold your watch strap in place.

Your best* bet to measure the exact width between the two lugs is to use calipers, but a simple ruler will do just fine as we realize not everyone has a set of calipers on hand. Just make sure you measure this accurately, as being off by a millimeter does make a visible difference.

Here you see a clear lug width of 20mm

Now if in any doubt, we are happy to help out if you’re looking at a strap purchase from our atelier. Just send us a bunch of detailed pictures and any information you have on the watch so we can figure it out.

*Pssst there’s possibly an even better bet to get the lug width correct, using a tool exclusively available to… everyone with an internet connection! Say you’re looking for the lug width of the Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50, simply do a Google search on “Speedmaster Professional 3570.50 lug width”. And there you have it. Most modern watches also have this exact measurement specified on the watchmaker’s actual website when you browse the product catalogue online.


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