Event: SalonQP London 2017

Past November we paid a visit to SalonQP in London and met up with a few of you at the lovely reception organized by Daily-Diogocosta.


Following some questions related to the event, we decided to simply put it up here to briefly summarize the event.

Key notes: It is not an overly large event. If this is good or bad depends entirely on you. The very good from this is that the brands are easily accessible (no appointments needed, I’m looking at you Baselworld), the less good is that some major brands are not present. However, overall verdict after giving it some thought, this is an excellent event for those who want to see some exceptional watches up close and personal. Possibly having a chat with the owner(s) of the brands is definitely a bonus and this in a beautiful setting (it was in the Saatchi Gallery in London).

Odd fact: Many brands were advertised as being present, but in fact not all are actually ‘present’. Some watch brands only sent in a display box for example, which some of us thought was a bit of an odd strategy.

Our highlight was definitely meeting up with some of you at the event and afterwards at the Daily-Diogocosta Get Together! In addition, strictly personal, as there were truly an impressive amount of magnificent looking watches around, we had a blast checking out the pieces at MB&F and receiving the detailed information and behind the scenes from their representative.

The pictures in the below gallery as shared by Daily-Diogocosta:



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